Morning Angels

Time to free the way and never let the sight turns
When we must leave
Want the time to freeze?
Have to see it ended, when the soul it was empty
I'll touch you down, sadness will be smile of me


Light Inside

When the turning sided heart is going closer
Then i can burn inside this over and i hope for silences
In the silences could be small, in the silences could be stronger
In the silences could be blinded, in the silences could be brighter
Fall inside...


The Downtown Lights

It's seems like cheats against us,
This voices sheared
There's a false on their suggestion,
Disregard from the place until a crushing
It's come at the edge ahead us,
This light will sheared
They're faked all, to covered their deep faults,
Take advantage from all until a crushing


Room Flies

She said on the morning come "Just me wherever there, willing to live..."
They're seeking all part in silence,
So i'm leaving this gorgeous sight, In a time of desire


99 Miles

Far, so far away
Like a fear lighted my pain
Gain in my mind, gain in my pain
Gain in my mind, gain in my pain


Where's My Place to Play

Like a wall, faded gazing me
make me fall, fused into a fire
see all the stars
fade and fears
see all the forest
there's nothing left


Colors of Condensed Vapour in The Sky

it was the first day sight in the morning,
and will facing sore in this scene
then will get a weak and tired
then will get a weak and tired

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my violainé morning is an expression driven by saturation, isolated, sadness, madness, hope and wishes in the human life which represented by nuance of delaying clean guitar and heavy distortion fused in gloomy ambient. Deliver you an unexpected imagination and vision from another side of this world. An Indonesian experimental shoegaze band which formed in Bandung, Indonesia 2004. Their sounds is comprising indie sound scape influenced by experimental shoegaze and post-rock with an ambient dominated and exclusion of delaying guitar in almost their songs, taking every single common instrument into a flowing delay harmonization.